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Doing the housework

Housecleaning, taking care of tidy clothes and inventory, along with the immediate availability of service staff to discuss daily obligations..

Preparing meals

Grocery shopping, preparing cold and hot meals and beverages, or delivery of optional ready meals chosen by the client.

Help in maintaining personal hygiene

Help in dressing, undressing, bathing and other personal hygiene needs, while respecting and protecting the integrity and dignity of the client and service staff.

Help in physical activity and recreation

Helping the client in physical activity and recreation in and out of home. Exercise in accordance with recreational programme with our assistance.

Transport of client and client’s belongings

Transport and escort of client while departing and returning from desired destination. Purchase, transport and delivery of belongings.

Organising tourist travel

Organising individual or group tourist travel and holiday in Croatia together with transport, permanent escort and assistance of our service staff.

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About us – our team

Creating this website, we have reached out towards people who always hope that the modern lifestyle will leave them more time for assisting and taking care of their older family members. Welcome and thank you for this hope!

Our business vision came into existence here. Its path leads towards lives and homes of the elders. Even though we all owe them so much, they rarely expect anything more than to decently enjoy their retirement.

The dignity of this age-sensitive population is fostered through mitigation of their social isolation, through providing emotional support in conversations and socialisation aimed at overcoming loneliness, as well as through involvement in the community social life. At a practical level, they are being helped by relieving them from doing housework, shopping and cooking. If they are in poor health, the escort and assistance in satisfying their own health and hygiene needs is highly precious to them.

These beliefs are the foundations of our work to improve the quality of life for elders within their homes and when traveling. Following the successful cooperation with the clients in Croatia, we benefited from the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union in our business development, as well as suspension of restrictions on the work of Croatian citizens in Germany.

We repaid that confidence of the German labour market by providing service for help at home. The ratio of demand of such services and the interest of service providers on the other hand exceeded our expectations.

Thanks to the careful selection of service staff, we find expressions of satisfaction and often true friendship of our clients. This is our most valuable reference of business reputation.

Last novelty in our offer is a tour trip or vacation on the Croatian coast or inland, accompanied by our staff, which will allow our clients to enjoy the famous natural beauties and traditional cuisine and to bring back with them fond memories from Croatia.

Nikolina Princip

General manager

Founder and general manager of CURA VITA 24. Ms. Princip covers the English- and Croatian-speaking area, managing the overall business and directly organising tourist visits of clients in Croatia.

Nataša Lukić

International Operations Manager

Directly contacts clients and administers the work of the staff in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Ms. Lukić covers German- and Croatian-speaking area.

Darko Princip


Mr. Princip administers testing and selection of staff, their travel and accommodation in the place of work; he covers all supporting formalities from the field of employment.

Expert support team

Representation, human resources, accounting, technical operations, marketing.

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The client and the service provider CURA VITA24 conclude a written agreement.

Yes. The client expresses his/her needs and the service provider sends the staff that can best meet them.

The staff is qualified for the tasks specified in the contract and on this website, although their qualifications as a rule go beyond that kind of tasks. They speak German and have at least secondary education. It is desirable that they have a category B driver's license.

The working hours are adjusted to the needs of a client within the stipulated monthly number of working hours.

Non-working days of the staff are adjusted to non-working days and holidays in the country of client service delivery of client.

A potential client can contact other clients in order to get information on experiences and impressions with CURAVITA24 care workers.


Mostly part-time at the beginning, and later in accordance with the needs of the client and as agreed with the employer.

The employer registers the health and pension insurance.

During his/her employment abroad the employee does not cover the expenses for accommodation and meals.

The employer covers and reimburses the expenses of worker’s travel to work and back.

Working hours are 40 per week, and non-working days are subject to regulations of the country in which the work is performed.

The care worker is holder of the EU Health Insurance Card.

As a rule, private visits to the employee at the premises and during working hours are forbidden, except in urgent and exceptional cases approved by the client.

The employee’s stay abroad is regulated depending on the duration of labour, which is the responsibility of the employer with no cost for the employee.

The salary is paid in Croatia, on employee’s bank account and in line with the contract and the laws

The employee must be an adult Croatian citizen, in good mental and physical health. It is desirable that he/she possess B category driver’s license and has at least secondary education; the employee should be familiar with the German language in speaking and writing, up to the level that guarantees successful communication as regards the works he/she does for the client. The employee should be experienced and fond of the service supplied by the employer. It is preferable that the employee has made the acquaintance of the German tradition and culture during his/her previous stays in Germany.

Yes, in any EU member state having no restrictions pertaining to the employment of Croatian citizens.


You wish to visit and get to know Croatia?

Should you wish to get to know or experience the famous natural beauties of Croatia accompanied by our staff, we will be a reliable partner in planning your travel and accommodation. From Dubrovnik across Central Dalmatia and its islands, all the way to Istria in the north, the Adriatic coast abounds with historical cities, untouched natural beauties and the gastronomy that will fill you with pleasure and fond memories. If the time in which you use the services of our staff means the opportunity to have an eventful and carefree visit to Croatia, just choose a destination - Kornati, Korcula, Hvar, Brac, Vis are just some of the islands you should not miss out on. Pula, Rovinj, Porec and Opatija in the North Adriatic, then Split, Zadar and Makarska in the central Adriatic followed by Dubrovnik at the very South - are just part of must-see destinations on the Croatian coast. Inland be sure to visit the Plitvice Lakes, Zagreb, Varazdin and farms in the Slavonian plain. Numerous spas arouse great interest of Croatian guests at an advanced age. We will plan the tourist route and facilities in accordance with your wishes. The ride, good accommodation, routes and destinations, communication with hosts and government institutions, selecting suitable restaurants and, if necessary, contact with health institutions is all our concern - and your opportunity.

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